October 21, 2019 – New York, NY – Dalian Fusheng Pharmaceutical Company Co., Ltd., a major pharmaceutical company in Dalian, China has contributed $100,000 to the Milstein Medical Asian American Partnership (MMAAP) Foundation to support translational research at Johns Hopkins University focusing on aging immune system and viral infections. Funded through the Irma and Paul Milstein Program for Senior Health, it is the second installment of a two-year contribution commitment from Dalian Fusheng Pharmaceutical that began in 2018.

Dalian Fusheng Pharmaceutical Company Co., Ltd. is dedicated to improving senior health through the development of novel therapies from natural Chinese herbal medicine that treat viral infections, including those caused by influenza and cytomegalovirus, frailty, and cancer cachexia. Dalian Fusheng Pharmaceutical’s relationship with MMAAP Foundation began in 2016 when the company contributed $85,000 to support a MMAAP Foundation Fellowship Award in geriatric medicine under the Irma and Paul Milstein Program for Senior Health. In recognition of MMAAP Foundation’s mission, especially its work supporting senior healthcare development and medical research in China, Dalian Fusheng Pharmaceutical sought to deepen its relationship with MMAAP Foundation by making this two-year contribution. The company has also expressed its intention to continue providing on-going support to MMAAP Foundation under the Irma and Paul Milstein Program for Senior Health.

Dr. Li Fu, Chair of Dalian Fusheng Pharmaceutical visited MMAAP Foundation in New York in December, 2017, meeting with MMAAP Foundation Chairman, Howard P. Milstein, and President, Dr. Sean Leng to discuss their shared goal of advancing translational research to improve senior health both in China and around the world.

“Howard Milstein is a visionary leader and philanthropist. Through MMAAP Foundation, he has continued to fund many Chinese medical talents, support their training and research. The effort and achievement of MMAAP Foundation in supporting senior health development in China is remarkable.” said Dr. Fu Li. “We are grateful to see a U.S. based international NGO dedicated to promoting senior health development in China, and it is our honor to be part of this noble effort.”

“Enhancing senior health is a high priority of MMAAP Foundation. A large and growing aging population presents many challenges to our society, but also great opportunities for medical advancement,” said Howard P. Milstein, Chairman of MMAAP Foundation, “I appreciate Dalian Fusheng Pharmaceutical’s support of our mission. Such a generous contribution will help us to promote healthy aging and senior healthcare development in China and around the globe.”


Dalian Fusheng Pharmaceutical Company Co., Ltd.

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Milstein Medical Asian American Partnership (MMAAP) Foundation

Under the vision and leadership of Howard P. Milstein, Founder and Chairman, Milstein Medical Asian American Partnership (MMAAP) Foundation was founded in 2011 to improve world health by developing mutually beneficial partnerships between the United States and China, as well as greater Asia. Working with some of the premier health organizations in the world, MMAAP Foundation’s priority is to bring together and fund exchanges among the best medical talents and institutions in the regions.

For more than 50 years, the Milstein family has been actively involved in health and medical-related philanthropy. MMAAP Foundation builds upon this distinguished history in areas that include geriatric medicine (under the Irma and Paul Milstein Program for Senior Health), dermatology, reproductive medicine (IVF), translational medicine, and stem cell research and regenerative medicine. MMAAP Foundation works in close collaboration with other medical organizations supported by the Milstein family, including American Skin Association, the Milstein Melanoma Research Program at the Rockefeller University, and the Program for Translational Chemical Biology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

In 2018, MMAAP Foundation successfully registered its China Representative Office in Beijing. The Foundation is one of the few non-government organizations (NGOs) that has obtained an official presence in China, which has served to strengthen its philanthropic efforts in China and further promote scholarly exchanges and a bilateral relationship between the United States and China.

MMAAP Foundation is 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. For more information, please visit our bilingual website (English and Chinese/Mandarin) at www.mmaapf.org.