As the 2014 Lunar New Year fast approaches, I would like to wish all those around the globe who celebrate this special occasion a healthy, joyful and prosperous Year of the Horse!

In the past year, the Milstein Medical Asian American Partnership (MMAAP) Foundation has made tremendous progress in furthering our mission of funding impactful medical research and bridging the medical communities between the US and China, as well as Greater Asia. In the coming spring, through our Foundation’s awards, a total of five Fellows from China will begin their one-year training at leading US medical institutions in the fields of Geriatrics (under the Irma and Paul Milstein Program for Senior Health), Dermatology and Hematology. Additionally, three research projects in China in the above disciplines will receive funding from our Foundation to further their goals of improving Chinese and global healthcare. The long-term effects of these exchanges and medical advances will be felt by generations to come.

We are grateful for the continuing support from the National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s Republic of China, generous donors such as the China Wanxiang Group, dedicated medical experts who have generously volunteered their time in evaluating grant applications, as well as everyone else who has supported our missions along the way. Advancing medical research and strengthening relations between the US and Asia are two important tasks as we continue into the 21st century, and our Foundation will continue to commit our efforts to these noble goals in the New  Year!


Howard P. Milstein

2014 年 01 月 24 日, 4:40 pmhoward-milstein_web



在过去的一年里,米尔斯坦亚美医学基金为进一步促进医学研究和中美之间医学合作取得了令人瞩目的成绩。今年春季,五名来自中国的优秀医学研究人员将通过基金会的厄玛和保罗 ▪ 米尔斯坦老年健康专项以及皮肤病学和血液病学的奖学金在美国著名的医学院所里开始为期一年的培训。另外,基金会将资助在中国进行的三个研究项目(以上领域里各一项)。以上科研人员的培训和科研项目是本基金会为提高中国和全球人类健康水平作出贡献的开端,必然利在千秋!