(China Medical Tribune, Newspaper reporter Zheng Guixiang) April 14—For the first time since the Rockefeller Foundation established Peking Union Medical College, an American philanthropist has created a new charitable foundation to promote shared medical knowledge between the U.S. and China. The Milstein Medical Asian American Partnership (MMAAP) Foundation (https://www.mmaapf.org) has been created by Howard Milstein and his family to improve world health by developing mutually beneficial long-term partnerships between the U.S. and China and Asian countries.

We interviewed the founder and Chairman of the Foundation, Howard Milstein, (Chinese name Mi Haowen) who leads the third generation of the preeminent business and philanthropic family and builds upon a long tradition of Milstein family support for health and medical research. Examples of his prolific medical philanthropic activities include Chairman of the Board of American Skin Association, Howard P. Milstein National Cord Blood Center at New York Blood Center, the Milstein Melanoma Research Laboratories at Rockefeller University, Howard and Georgeanna Jones Foundation for Reproductive Medicine, and the Program for Translational Chemical Biology at Cornell Medical Center. In the interview, Mr. Milstein indicated that he has established a very high standard for the MMAAP Foundation which is designed to become a highly respected international foundation demonstrating expertise in producing medical and scientific progress with integrity and efficiency for the benefit of human health.

The leadership of the MMAAP Foundation comprises very prominent figures in medicine. President Dr. Gerald Lazarus is a distinguished dermatologist who previously served as Chair of Dermatology at Duke University and University of Pennsylvania and Dean and CEO of the University of California at Davis School of Medicine. He also has unique working experiences with Peking Union Medical College Hospital and the Ministry of Health. Dr. Sean X. Leng, the Executive Vice President, is a board-certified academic geriatrician and Paul Beeson scholar in aging research, as well as, the Director of the Irma and Paul Milstein Program for Senior Health. Trained in both Chinese and American healthcare systems, Dr. Leng has led Hopkins’ effort on geriatrics program development in China and established high level collaborative relationships with the Ministry of Health, Chinese Geriatrics Society, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and other major medical and governmental institutions. Both Drs. Lazarus and Leng are Professors at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

The MMAAP Foundation embarks with two points of focus—geriatric medicine (the Irma & Paul Milstein Program for Senior Heath) and dermatology. Both areas will receive one-year research fellowships for an English-speaking Chinese physician-scientist to join a prominent, partnering U.S. research laboratory and a second translational project that will have a rapid impact on health care. The Foundation also provides grants to U.S. partnering institutions to cover laboratory research and related expenses. Its goal is to help develop top talent in the funded medical specialty/subspecialty, and train future leaders in their respective medical specialty in China. Future funding will be expanded into other areas, such as cord blood research, maternal and child health, chemical biology and molecular drug research, etc.

The funding opportunity will be announced through related professional medical journals and organizations, China Medical Tribune, and direct contacts to major medical schools and research institutions in China. Awardees will be selected through a strict two-step peer review process. Grant applications will be first reviewed by a panel of Chinese experts in geriatrics or dermatology and three top applications will be selected and sent to the U.S. panel of experts in the respective fields (such as experts at the American Geriatrics Society and American Skin Association). Mr. Milstein hopes that the first sets of grants will be awarded in 2013.

Mr. Howard Milstein is a leading figure in local, national and global affairs, as well as, a trusted advisor on economic, civic and philanthropic matters. Mr. Milstein is currently Chairman, President and CEO of New York Private Bank & Trust and its operating bank, Emigrant Bank, the largest privately held bank in the U.S.

(中国医学论坛报: 记者郑桂香) 4月14日,一个专门面对中国和亚洲其他国家的医学基金会——米尔斯坦亚美医学(MMAAP) 基金会正式成立(网站https://www.mmaapf.org)。这是继美国洛克菲勒(Rockefeller)基金会创建北京协和医学院和中华医学基金会(CMB)后又一个实力雄厚、主要面对中国的专业医学基金会。

据介绍,该基金会创立者Howard Milstein (中文名米皓文)先生是米尔斯坦家族第3代掌门人,拥有美国最大的独家私人银行。他继承米尔 斯汀家族从事医学慈善事业的传统,已成为著名医学慈善家。他在美国创建和主持的大型医学基金会包括美国皮肤科协会、纽约血液中心的米尔斯坦美国脐带血研究中心、霍华德和乔治娜·琼斯(Howard and Georgeanna Jones)生育医学和母婴健康基金会,Rockefeller大学黑色素瘤 研究中心等。

在接受本报记者采访时,米皓文先生说,他对MMAAP基金会提出了很高的标准, 要求办实事, 出成绩, 讲效益, 造福人类健康。

美国约翰斯·霍普金斯医院皮肤科劳拉教授任MMAAP基金会主席,老年医学中心冷晓教授任常务副主席和该基金会老年医学专项主任。基金会先从老年医学和皮肤病两 个学科着手, 每学科每年资助1名中国的相关专业人员(具有副高级职称) 到美国名牌医学院进行为期1年的专业培训。基金会同时为美方接受单位提供相应资 金, 以支付实验室和其他专业培训费用。其目标是说明中国培养医学相关学科的顶尖人才,使受培训的人员回到中国后能够成为该学科的带头人。每学科每年还有 一项临床和转化医学项目基金面向中国医学研究院所。今后,基金资助将逐渐加大投入,并可能扩展到血液病(如脐带血研究)、母婴健康、分子结构以及新药研究 等领域。

老年医学和皮肤病基金专项的评审,初步计划组织中国专家组在国内筛选并推荐项目申请书。征稿将通过国内相关专业组织与杂志、《中国医学论坛报》发布, 以及与各大医学院(所)直接联系。获推荐的项目标书再由美国相关专家组(如全美老年医学会和美国皮肤协会) 评审,基金会专家顾问委员会和董事会最后决 定, 达到择优录取。米皓文先生希望第一年基金能在2013年颁发。